MG Calibrated Dropper


GREENPATH™ Science scientifically calibrated dropper technology, provides the greatest benefit of CBD at the greatest value.


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GREENPATH™ Science MG Calibrated Dropper technology provides the greatest benefit of CBD at the greatest value.

The uniquely patented technology to help you determine how much CBD is right for you.

Ingesting the correct amount of CBD is just as important as purity. It’s like using the correct measurement when baking a cake. You don’t just pour the entire bag of sugar in the mixing bowl. You carefully measure so you will achieve perfect results. If you ingest too much or too little, then you will never find the balance to achieve wellness.

The amount of CBD in most bottles is measured in ounces or milliliters (ml). But CBD strengths are measured in milligrams.

The GREENPATH™ Calibrated MG Dropper with Green Memory Band is the only milligram calibrated dropper specifically created for CBD Oil.

The exclusive GREENPATH™ Calibrated Dropper will guide you through any uncertainty.

How to Use 

Twice daily, measure out the precise amount that your doctor has recommended. Distribute the oil under your tongue and hold the liquid there for at least 60 seconds. Increase the amount of CBD incrementally every 2 days. Record any effects you have noticed in your log. Everyone reacts differently so monitoring the results is crucial to providing the most benefit.

You may not notice anything at first and studies suggest that both the higher and lower doses are not as beneficial as the “right” amount.

The onset may be delayed and take up to 2 hours to feel the effects. Be patient as it may take several days before finding the amount that just right for you. Be consistent with your dosage and if you experience any unpleasant effects then stop taking immediately.


1000mg, 500mg