Our Story

CBD is employed by millions in treating a wide range of issues such as anxiety, stress and depression to insomnia, aches and pains and more. 

Problem is, the serious lack of credible information on the proper use CBD has caused undue fear, that deprives many who could otherwise benefit from CBD to never try it.

Personally, I had heard encouraging testimonials about CBD however, I had safety issues that needed to be addressed before I was willing to try it. That was the impetus behind the development of a new technology, GREENPATH, Measured CBD™.

GREENPATH, Measured CBD™ is the safe and controlled, system that allowed me to overcome all of my issues.

First to note, (and for me, important) pure, CBD (containing 0% THC) is non-intoxicating. Second; nobody can tell you how much or how little CBD will answer your particular needs. Your body is unique, GREENPATH’s technology allows you to learn what works for you, at your pace, in a safe, controlled and personal way.

I now enjoy the benefit of using CBD to help reduce the annoyances of aging that seem to pop-up daily (ie. fingertip numbness, dexterity and minor memory issues, fatigue and joint pain.) It empowers me to “get on top of the situation” in a natural way, without “big-pharma”. 

CBD works for me and we sincerely hope it works for you. Our GREENPATH Measured CBD™ “Kit” includes the highest-quality, hemp-based, organically farmed CBD available, along with a Guaranteed Analysis, our exclusive calibrated technology, easy-to-follow instructions and daily log to record your results. Your only job is to sit back, relax and take the GREENPATH to natural wellness!

Bart E. Greenhut, Owner/Inventor

Confused About CBD?

The core difference between GREENPATH and our competitors is the ability to easily measure the perfect dosage, no other CBD company offers this uniquely patented system. As you begin using the GREENPATH Science™ System, you will notice some clear differences:

1.) Ultra-high grade quality CBD delivers the purest active hemp oil
2.) Organically grown CBD sourced from family-farm cooperatives
3.) 100% domestically grown hemp plants with high CBD properties

GREENPATH Science™ System is more than just CBD, our scientifically based system is a revolutionary new method that delivers the perfect dosage every time. We have heard of countless ailments where GREENPATH CBD was able to provide immediate and lasting relief for our customers.