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Greenpath Science LTD
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Why It Works

The GREENPATH Measured CBD Starter Kit allows you to develop your own optimal personal usage regimen through a series of incremental steps.

Simply follow the easy instructions until you reach the level of CBD that relieves your particular presenting issue(s), whether it is stress, depression, sleep issues, anxiety or anything else.

More than CBD The Starter-Kit for Success.

It comes with everything you need for a safe, relaxing CBD experience:

  • 1000mg of premium quality, USA organically-farmed, non-intoxicating, CBD Oil
  • Guaranteed certified CBD product analysis
  • Exclusive GREENPATH™ Calibrated Dropper
  • User Guide
  • Daily Log to record your progress

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GREENPATH is a scientifically developed system that safely delivers consistent, personalized results at the greatest value.
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