Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of CBD but have been reluctant to try it. Perhaps you’re a longtime hemp supporter who understands the good that these earthly products bring and seldom hold back in promoting them to friends and family. No matter where you sit on the spectrum (pun intended) of CBD, there are congruent questions that arise in the product purchase lifecycle. Doing your homework is at the forefront of good decision-making in how to buy CBD, for a myriad of reasons.

CBD Buyer Beware

When it comes to buying CBD, there is minimal FDA guidance. With hemp quickly gaining consumer acceptance and corporations jumping on the opportunistic bandwagon in hopes of cashing in from the interest, this leaves consumers holding the proverbial bag of accountability. How can anyone determine what good CBD is compared to the not-so-much-I’ll-pass?

In support of CBD, the Americans for Safe Access (ASA) consumer watchdog group presented its Patient’s Guide to CBD for the public, policymakers, and private enterprises to use as a single resource for CBD information and best practices. It helps outline the differences in CBD and THC products, and provides details on determining CBD intake and efficacy, management of product use, and what to look for in packaging, processing, and product certification and verification.


Research is scant on putting in print the merits of CBD use, but that, in part, is due to its association with cannabis and THC. Case studies are evolving. What we do know is that CBD is legal in all 50 states, unlike its plant counterpart, marijuana, which remains illegal at the federal level as its drug classification remains a Schedule 1 substance.

Why do I mention it? One of the key elements of CBD is its trace-to-zero amounts of THC within its properties. This is important when comparing products and considering a CBD product online purchase or one within a brick-and-mortar store. CBD is a cannabidiol and although it’s derived from the same plants as cannabis, it does not have the psychoactive effects that produce a high or buzz, nor is it physically addictive.

CBD, State by State

For some conditions, and if you live in a state that gives you access to dispensaries, you may be more comfortable using a THC and CBD combination. Even retailers across the country are getting into the CBD business, from gas stations, convenient stores, and even CVS Pharmacy has found CBD love.

But not all CBD products are formulated in the same manner, and some, may not contain any CBD at all. When there is little regulation governing the CBD industry, shady businesses will surface and for the unsuspecting patron, fall victim to their deception. Remember, pure CBD hemp oil is available from more mainstream resources, such as health food stores, that are readily visible.

What to Consider Before You Buy CBD Online or In Store

The more research you can do to learn about the different types of CBD products available will prove beneficial. But be symptom-specific. Some products will serve you better than others, depending on the kind of relief you are seeking.

If you struggle with age-related arthritis in your hands and wrists, using a CBD salve or topical cream may be more exacting than CBD oil taken sublingually. And for overall inflammation, CBD tincture could likely do the trick. So match the CBD delivery system that serves your health issue best.

Know the Various Forms of CBD

People like options and when it comes to CBD oil, there are many. Review the choices below to get a better idea of which type of CBD feels more comfortable; because CBD can only help if it actually gets into your system.


The oil itself can be taken as a liquid in the form of tinctures or drops, paste, capsules, sprays, or cooking oil. This form is usually mixed with food. Ingesting CBD in this way is very slow acting. Over time and consistent use, this can be an effective way to get the relief sought after.

E-Liquid, Vape Cartridges

If you are used to smoking or vaping, then you might prefer to vape your CBD oil. This path of ingesting it is the fastest acting. Other smokable forms are crystalline or wax, which in the recreational cannabis language is known as shatter. It is recommended that you start with only one puff and then wait until you see how it affects you.


CBD edibles come in many forms, including gummies, chocolate, cookies, and cake. This popular manner of ingestion is slow to impact, but long-lasting.

Get Beyond the Pretty Packaging

It’s easy to get “wowed” by eye-catching bags or boxes of CBD that go a long way to grab your attention, though can often prove lackluster in product performance.

Before you buy any type of CBD, make sure to read and scrutinize the product label. It should tell a compelling and informative story. If it doesn’t, it reveals its lack of substance (literally and figuratively).

CBD product label should include:

  • Mention of recommended use
  • Numeric listing of THC, if any, content
  • Product quantity (millimeters, milligrams, etc.)
  • Specific batch formulation number OR control number
  • Expiration date or day of production
  • Instructions for recommended use
  • Product warnings (side effects or contraindications)
  • Storage requirements

Be Wary of CBD Product Medical Claims

Falling prey to overzealous proclamations of CBD fix-all or cure-alls can happen, especially when you’re not feeling well or out of balance (physically or emotionally) and all you want to experience is relief from the symptoms that continue to hijack your wellbeing.

In addition to generating a false sense of hope, it escalates the doubt in credibility that mars the CBD industry. If you run into phrases meant to extoll the virtues of CBD that equates their product use to removing cancer, heart disease, or mental illness, keep shopping. That CBD product isn’t worth anything and will undoubtedly be on the FDA’s list of most wanted.

Always Consider the Source

Know exactly what CBD you’re buying. Ingredients can make or break your CBD experience. Be watchful of where the CBD is sourced (the grow) and look for detailed manufacturer or distributor information on the package that shows where they are located or a phone number or email address as a point of contact. Then go online and see what information pops up about them. You might land upon some consumer reviews that are worth a read.

While you’re at it, check out their social media channels to see how they position their product offerings and what their customers are saying.

How to Buy Premium CBD Online, Right

Now that you know how to gather and prioritize the data needed to make an informed and wise decision about how to buy CBD, the timeline between search and product purchase can be much more seamless and hassle-free. For premium full-spectrum CBD oil with the industry’s game changer, Measured CBD through calibration technology, consider the GREENPATH System for verifiable and trusted peace of mind.


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