Gaining consumer trust isn’t easy when you’re swimming in a sea of competitors who show up as sharks.

GREENPATH™ Measured CBD leads with integrity and quality. Anything less than ethical business practices just aren’t in our wheelhouse.

A word from our founder and CEO, Bart Greenhut. “CBD is used by millions.”

“Problem is the high cost of CBD and the lack of universal quality standards discourages many who could potentially benefit from CBD, from ever trying it.”

“While most people search online for products and services, often out of convenience, there’s a slippery slope when it comes to finding truthful and reliable information. Although it’s essential to make an informed product purchase decision, it’s hard to come by.”

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“I would know.”

“Because a few years earlier I found myself, just like you, needing better options to help alleviate the discomfort I was experiencing from the normal aging process. For me, by choice, prescription pills were not an option. I’m an advocate for holistic, healthy ways towards wellness. So I opted to investigate the world of CBD.”

“To my disappointment, the quest to find a CBD product that could deliver on what it represented fell short, every time.”

“The gaping hole in the CBD industry remained twofold: lack of industry-wide product verification protocols and the association to cannabis that still has federal regulators questioning safety. However, I had done extensive research, tested product after product, and started to identify what was missing in the process. You see, it isn’t that CBD doesn’t perform. Some do. But the industry is wrought with manufacturers and distributors who use the lack of regulation as a gateway to dupe the consumer. They win. Patients lose. This is wrong on so many levels. I knew I had to do what I could to fix that. So I did.”

I Am a Problem-Solver

“An inventor by profession, I applied creative ideologies and practical solutions to a variety of industries and found myself as an accomplished entrepreneur, inventing products geared to make life easier.”

“From pet care to personal hygiene, from large cargo shipping solutions to The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in The World, I do what I can to make each day more enjoyable for people.”

Inventor of the GREENPATH™ CBD Oil and Dropper Kit
“It wasn’t until “father time” began to creep up on me that I realized I needed to take what I do best and focus it on alternative health. This is where CBD came in.”

Not Just Another Bottle of CBD

“You may have questions about CBD and whether it’s a good choice for you. There are countless people who have already made CBD an integral part of their daily regimen.”

“Contrary to myth, CBD is not a hallucinogenic nor does it have the psychotropic properties that cannabis is readily known for. What it does provide is a safe, natural path to wellness without hindering lifestyle. The painstaking legwork is complete.”

CBD and Dropper Starter Kit

“And now that I’ve artfully crafted the best CBD oil available and developed a practical, scalable, reliable, and foolproof delivery system to go with it, I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t try it. That would defy logic!”

“Whether you’re a longstanding CBD enthusiast or sitting on the fence about its use and associated benefits, it could be the one thing that stands in the way of you feeling better than you do right now.”

What MakesGREENPATH Different

Our people. Our passion. Our product. Our program. Together, we make the best CBD delivery system, hands down.

By pinpointing the gaps in other product offerings, GREENPATH created a step-by-step process that maximizes the benefits of our premium quality, USA organically-farmed CBD Oil simply in the way it is self-administered.

Empowering Confidence

Fear often drives our decision-making in our wellness. It allows us to follow doctors’ orders, stay diligent about taking medications that don’t serve us, and keeps us imprisoned in relationships that don’t add value to our core being. The longer we remain complacent about our vitality, the risk to wellness heightens.

To change this cycle, we need to simplify and take control of how we treat ourselves each day. GREENPATH Measured CBD is the game-changer for anyone wanting to take ownership of their health.

Verified and Trusted

GREENPATH CBD is hemp-based and does not contain THC, the intoxicating chemical in marijuana. So it’s formulated to do what you want it to and nothing more.

Our CBD is third-party tested, and every bottle is serial numbered and traceable to a supplied certificate of potency. So you can feel good about feeling good.

Who is CBD For?

For Doers

Life can get pretty hectic. Our proprietary calibration technology matched with our premium CBD oil means you’ll always get what you need, whenever you need it.

With the GREENPATH boxed CBD set, you can manage and adjust your CBD needs easily. And its convenient packaging allows for easy transport from car to air travel, from home to office, and more.

For Active Adults

The normal aging process comes with its own set of challenges. I live this. I have enough trouble remembering where I put my car keys let alone, how much CBD I took yesterday.

But by adding our GREENPATH System into your lifestyle. You’ll be more inclined to do more of the things you enjoy without the worry of not getting the right CBD, enough CBD or too much.

For Caregivers

GREENPATH Measured CBD provides peace of mind to you and your loved one. With our patented calibration technology and memory band dropper, you’ll always have a record of the CBD amount taken last. Simply adjust the amount of CBD at your fingertips. The new measurement remains as a reminder for the next time and the next.

Why It Works

The GREENPATH Measured CBD Starter Kit allows you to develop your own optimal personal usage regimen through a series of incremental daily steps.

Simply follow the easy instructions until you reach the level of CBD that relieves your particular presenting issue(s).

GREENPATH™ CBD Oil and Dropper Starter Kit

More than CBD The Starter-Kit for Success.

It comes with everything you need for a safe, relaxing CBD experience:

  • 1000mg of premium quality, USA organically-farmed, non-intoxicating, CBD Oil
  • Guaranteed certified CBD product analysis
  • Exclusive GREENPATH™ Calibrated Dropper
  • User Guide
  • Daily Log to record your progress
GREENPATH is a scientifically developed system that safely delivers consistent, personalized results at the greatest value.

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